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BIPV Modules

Ecological construction means care for the natural environment, both at the time of constracting the facility and its subsequent operation.  Thanks to Building Management System (BMS) and photovoltaic instalations, we are able to achieve this goal by reducing expenses for electricity. Increasingly, architects and investors are reaching for a less standard photoviltaic solution, such as BIPV modules. 

The concept behind BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) system is to adapt PV modules to various  building applications,  primarily as alternatives to traditional construction materials used for building roofs, facades , fronts, curtain wall louvres, skylights, balustrades and specific window joinery panes.

ML System offers wide range of  BIPV modules available in any sizes, shapes and colors. 

The essential component of BIPV is teh system of glass-to-glass modules. Bonding two glass panes with plastic films produces safety glass, a product that is very popular in civil engineering and architecture, where its applictaions span parttitions, balustardes, canopies, etc. 

All BIPV module types are availabe in various thickness and forms, depending on the vision of the architects (to adapt to the installation method and building form). PV integrated glass laminates may comprise ay combination of the following glass types: untempered, tempered, semi-tempered, stained.

BIPV modules not only reduce the cost of electricity used in the building, but also provide an attractive visual complement to its design.


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