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Insulated glass is one of the most commonly used glass products in construction. Used in windows and other glazing, it protects rooms against heat loss, excessive heating and noise. It can also be an antiburglary barrier. 

In conventional insulated glass, the space between the glass panes is filled with air, but the use of other gas may change its properties. The offer includes one, two and three-chamber  junction using glass without a coating, tinted, discolored or satin.

ML System manufactures insulated glass  in dimension from 180 x 250 mm to 2500 x 3500 mm.

Insulated glass production:

1. Glass dimension:
• min. 180x250 [mm] 
• max. 2500x3500 [mm]

2. Packet thickness:
• min. 12 [mm]
• max. 80 [mm]

3. The possibility production one/two/three chamber junction.

4. The possibility production junction with Argon filling at the level 90%.

5. Types of glass:
• non-coating
• coating (S1, S3)
• mass colored
• discolored
• satin

6. Parameter Ug:
• for one chamber junction: Ug=1.0-1,1 W/m2K
• for two chamber junction: Ug=0.4--0.6 W/m2K

7. Seal used:
• thiocol
• silikon resistant to UV

8. Used frames:
• cold – aluminiowe 
• warm – aluminiowo plastikowe, avaiable in colors
• frame witdth od 6 mm do 18 mm

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