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Laser glass processing guarantess greater precision and  enables performing processes  inaccessible using standard methods. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, it is chracterized by high efficiency and allows you to quikly realize even very complicated orders.

The comprehensive and professional ML System offer in the field of laser glass processing includes.

  • Glass engraving- by laser  you can angrave the desired patterns, lletter and graphics (e.g logo) on the glass surface. Glass engraving is used in advertising and in other industries where special precision is required. ML System engraving on and inside the glass surface. Surface engraving can be done on the tempered glass, as well as engraved glass can be tempered.
  • Drilling glass– making any holes in teh glass enabling its universal use, also in construction
  • Cutting any shapes 
  • Precision ablation of soft nad hard coatings
  1. Glass dimension:
    • max. 2200 x 4000 [mm]

  2.  Glass thickness
    • max. 100 [mm]

If you have any questions please do  not hesitate contact with our Sales Team.