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An intelligent home, equipped with modern management systems, deserves an intelligent, ecological source of electricity supply.

Photovoltaic roofing terrace is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. I addition to protection against atmospheric factors such as solar radiation, rain or snow, the roof integrated with solar modules generates environmentally friendly green energy and allows you to reduce your home electricity cost. This terrace construction is an alternative for people who for aesthetic reasons or because of limited space do not want to install a ground-based photovoltaic installation.

Photovoltaic modules installed in roofing generate power from 3.5kw to 4kW (depending on the selected photovoltaic cells). According to building standards, the modules are resistant to snow load, they can also be additionally equipped with a self-snow removal function (No-frost). The degree of transparency of the roof with photovoltaic and optional LED or luminescent lighting is selected depending on the customer's requirements. The whole is mounted on a solid steel, aluminum (in different colors), wooden or a combination of these materials. Modern design is an attractive complement to the terrace design of a detached single-family house or terraced house.

In line with the new trend of electromobility, ML System has adapted the solutions used for roofing the terrace for the needs of powering electric cars and hybrid plug-ins.

Carport, i.e. photovoltaic roofing of parking spaces, is a functional and aesthetic solution designed for home owners and office buildings. It is a product that can be adapted in the projects of roofing of individual parking spaces as well as multi-parking lots. The use of solar energy to power a car or other electrical devices in the building will save on electricity costs without harming the environment.

The carport can be equipped with an optional charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles. The roof structure is made in a sealed option, protecting cars against sunlight and precipitation, or in the form of a cascade or lamellas.

he combination of modules with the NoFrost function eliminates the need for snow removal, protects against the possibility of icicles that could damage a person or vehicle, as well as enables the production of electricity in the winter months (during periods when standard solutions are covered with snow).

The proposed solution is suitable both as roofing for individual parking spaces, as well as for multi-stand investments.

Technical parameters
Technical parameters
Unit power

up to 200 Wp/m2

PC cell efficiency up to 22,5%
Ma. Operating voltage 1000 V Dc
Modules types mono
Optional bifacial modules
transparent modules
NoFrost modules
car charger
printed modules
opaque modules
integrated LED lights
Type of roofing hermetic
Substructure material steel
glued wood
Structure colour RAL colors
Module thickness 3 - 22 mm
Advanteges of photovoltaic terrace shelters
Free electricity Generating savings
No need for snow removal Custom application easy maintenance
Stable construction, modern design By using of the ultralight glass, the structure becomes more resistant to weather conditions
Easy installation and low installation costs