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In cold months, which are common in the Polish climate, glass panels can be an alternative to wall heaters powered by hot water.

Photovoltaic heating glass working in ML System are intended for use in glazed elements, just like a traditional glass. Therefore, they can be found both in a modern photovoltaic window intended for apartments and houses, in glazing and skylights of office and commercial buildings, as well as in elements of small architecture, such as public transport stops, where they can heat the windshield or a bench for passengers.

Insulated glass can be treated as a substitute for a traditional heating system. Even at very low temperatures, the glass can heat up to about plus 20 - 30 degrees, radiating mild heat to the room. This heat is generated by electricity from photovoltaic cells that passes through an additional, invisible metal oxide layer applied to the heating glass. In addition to heating the room, the undoubted advantage of this product is the elimination of water vapor condensation on the surface of the glass and the creation of cool zones by the windows.

In ML System, the heating glass technology is also used in the production of photovoltaic panels and glazing equipped with the "No frost" option, thanks to which there are no layers of snow or ice on the devices.