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Laminated glass is a product that is widely used in partition walls, shower cabins, doors, handrails, table tops or kitchen wall panels. The lamination process allows to obtain higher mechanical parameters, and in case of damage prevents dangerous glass fragmentation. Thanks to this treatment, you can get windows that will not only be safe to use, but also enliven the interior of many a home, restaurant or office.

ML System makes laminates consisting entirely of glass elements or mixed, which are a combination of glass and plastic. The production process uses PVB, EVA, ionized or Santry Glass films.

Insulated glass production:

1. Dimension:
• max. wymiar szkła: 2100 x 3300

2. Laminates thickness:
• max grubość zestawu szkła: 60 mm

3. Types of laminates:
• laminates glass/glass
• laminates glass/plastic

4. Laminating foils:
• ionized or Santry Glas


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