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Industries such as construction, medicine or industrial production of equipment (e.g. cars and household appliances) require a special type of glass.

Tempered glass, i.e. exposed to the appropriate temperature and then quickly cooled by a stream of air, is characterized by greater thermal resistance and impact resistance. It is also safe to use - in the event of a crack it breaks into small and out of focus pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

The glass is bent by slowly heating the glass pane until the plasticity temperature is exceeded and then forming it into the desired shape. In addition to the construction sector, it can be used in the furniture and automotive industries.

In ML System it is possible to meet even the most complex customer requirements regarding drilling, cutting and chamfering of glass.

In our production hall, we have a machine park enabling the performance of a wide range of services in the field of glass processing:

• Float glass ESG: 4 mm
• Antisol glass green / grey / brown: 4 mm
• Float glass lacquer: 4 mm
• Float glass: 4 – 12 mm
• Optiwhite glass: 4 mm
• Decormat glass: 4 mm
• VSG glass: 44.1 oraz 33.1

We offer processing of rectangular float and hard-coating glasses:

• Flaring 3-8 mm
• Grinding 3-19 mm
• Grinding and polishing 4-19 mm
• Holes for diam.. 20 mm 4 mm
• Holes for diam. 20 mm 5-19 mm

• Holes for diam. 20 mm do 40 mm 4 mm
• Holes for diam. 20 mm do 40 mm 5-19 mm
• Cutouts atthe edges 3 mm-19 mm
• Cutouts in the corners 4-19 mm
• Other cutouts 3-19mm


In addition, at the customer's request, we are able to offer drilling, cutting and chamfering of glass, thanks to which we can fulfill the most complex requirements..

Specification of glass bending capabilities:

1. Glass thickness: 4-12 mm

2. The minium size of the glass form: 300 x 400 mm

3. Minimum bending radius:
• 4mm: 1200 mm
• 5-6mm: 700 mm
• 8-10 mm: 1000 mm
• 12mm: 1500 mm

4. Maximum bending radius: 10 000 mm

If you have any questions please do  not hesitate contact with our Sales Team.