Be part of our network!

Due to our expansion strategy, we seek to find international partners, who could enrich our distribution network and contribute to growth of ML sales on the overseas markets.

If you operate in the architecture, design, construction or renewable energy sector, join our team and be part of our development strategy. For further details, please contact us at:

Export Sales Director
Jan Strzałkowski
tel. +48 512 224 624

Project & Sales Manager

Scandinavia, Estonia

Piotr Sternik
tel. +47 486 85 816

Project & Sales Manager 

Germany, Lithuania, Latvia

Karol Kotowicz
tel. +48 530 311 466

Project & Sales Manager

Balkans, France, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania

Lovro Denona
tel. +385 989 353 919

Project & Sales Manager

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus

Paweł Koniewicz
tel. +48 570 604 260

Distributor in Australia and New Zealand

Cloverdale Group International

13 Tarkin Court
Bell Park, VIC, 3215

phone: 1300 553 714