We are pleased to announce that ML System has won the Award f the President of Poland in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises during the prestigious competition held on 17.11.2016 in the Convention and Exhibiton Center in Jasionka. The award was picked up by ML system’s CEO – Dawid Cycoń from hands of the President Andrzej Duda. It is a honourable distinction and pride for our company that our core activities in the field of innovative photovoltaic solutions have been recognized and awarded by the President of Poland. We feel privileged to be the winners, especially because of the number of competitors – the contest attracted 200 companies from Poland.

On 16th December 2015, held the XXVI Sub Carpathian Region Forum of Innovation, during which the prizes for this year’s edition of the competition “CARPATHIAN REGION INNOVATOR”, were awarded.
The competition takes place on a regular basis – this year’s edition was organized by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, together with the Rzeszow University of Technology, under the Honorary Patronage of the Marshal and Governor of the Carpathian Region.
ML SYSTEM is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the title of “Carpathian Region Innovator” for the second time already. Previously – in 2013 in the small business category – for its Nofrost photovoltaic module solution. This year we were awarded in the same category for “printed solar cells for applications in the construction industry”.

Printed solar cells will be an appealing alternative for all current photovoltaic technology through the possibility to choose the pattern, color and transparency. They form the basis for the construction of the so-called. “Panes that give electricity”.

The First place for the ML System in the category of medium-sized companies for Podkarpacie Province.

The aim of the ranking is to identify, recognize and reward the most reliable and characterized by the best financial results companies. It takes place at regular intervals and is prepared once a year.

The organizer and originator of this ranking is the publisher of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The Attributes which characterize the rewarded companies include minimal risk of cooperation – the decisive factor is Failure Score of D&B rating -and a positive sales growth for the years 2013/2014.

Polska Nagroda Innowacyjności to wyróżnienie,przyznane przez Polską Agencję Przedsiębiorczości oraz redakcję Forum Przedsiębiorczości. Celem przeprowadzonego konkursu jest nagrodzenie podmiotów działających na polskim rynku, których działalność cechuje innowacyjność i dbałość o sferę badawczo-rozwojową.

Laureatami tego prestiżowego konkursu są zatem wiodące w na polskim rynku podmioty, prowadzące szeroką działalność naukową i rozwojową oraz promujące współpracę nauki z biznesem.

Przyznanie nagrody firmie ML System jest docenieniem sukcesów w jej wieloletniej pracy naukowej tj. w projektach badawczych, a także działalności zacieśniającej współpracę firmy z instytucjami takimi jak: Instytutem Fraunhofera, Uniwersytetem Jagiellońskim, Polską Akademią Nauk, Akademią Górniczo-Hutniczą, Uniwersytetem Rzeszowskim, Politechniką Rzeszowska, Politechniką Wrocławską, EIT+, 3DNano.

Uroczyste wręczenie nagród miało miejsce podczas uroczystej gali III Kongresu Przedsiębiorczości, który odbył się w dniach 5-6 listopada 2015 r. w Łodzi. Kongres ten jest unikalnym wydarzeniem, które ma na celu stworzenie forum wymiany myśli i poglądów dla polskich przedsiębiorców, naukowców i polityków. Patronat honorowy nad wydarzeniem objęły m. in. Ministerstwa Gospodarki oraz Infrastruktury i Rozwoju.

On 4th December awards were given to the winners of the competition ‘Exemplary Podkarpackie 2014’ during the XXIII Podkarpackie Innovation Forum. In the category of ‘Exemplary Product’ the ML SYSTEM Sp. z o. o. was awarded for the implementation of ‘Carport Solar System’. The award was given for the integration of modern technological solutions in the public space and for the possibility of introducing further utility functions in the above mentioned solutions .

ML System company has been awarded as one of the seven companies that are leaders in the energy industry in Poland in the year 2014.

On 20th May awards were given in the fourth edition of the all-Poland contest INNO – FIRMA Parkowe Orły 2014.
ML SYSTEM company has been awarded in the competition ‘INNO – FIRMA PARKOWE ORŁY 2014’ for the most innovative companies located in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers organized by the Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association. For the competition INNO – FIRMA Parkowe Orły 36 applications from companies and 15 applications from technological parks and incubators were registered from all over Poland.

On 25 June 2013, in the Carpathian Philharmonic Chamber Hall at the gala the winners of the Golden Hundred of Podkarpackie Voivodship 2012 were awarded with statuettes. In the ranking of the largest companies settled of Podkarpackie attended by representatives of the local authorities of the region and numerous representatives of the biggest and best companies of Podkarpackie Voivodship. The honored companies are leaders in seven categories.

The company ML SYSTEM LTD was ranked in first place in the category of “The dynamics of sales growth”, in seventh place in the category of “Profitability on sales” and the seventy-fifth place on the list of 100 largest companies in Podkarpackie Voivodship.

The winners of the Golden Hundred Podkarpackie Voivodship 2012.

ML SYSTEM company owners receive the award in the category -“The dynamics of sales growth”.

ML System company has been awarded the title: Modernization of the year 2012 in the category of “Public Utility”. In the Internet voting has been awarded the building of Municipal Roads Administration in Gliwice, which contractor were ML System and PRUiM S.A. under the project „Restructuring and extension of Minicipal Roads Administration Building at 31 Płowiecka Street in Gliwice – including premises for Integrated Transportation Systems.

On 12 December 2013. at the XXII Sub Carpathian Region Forum of Innovation were presented the awards this year’s Competition of Sub Carpathian Region Innovator, which was organized by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Sub-Carpathian Voivodeship, Sub-Carpathian Voivodeship Governor and Rector of the Technical University of Rzeszów name of I. Lukasiewicz. ML SYSTEM company has been awarded the title of Innovator of the Podkarpacie region 2013 in the small business category for proprietary solution “Photovoltaic module NoFrost”.

The second edition of the contest for the best completed projects with European funds “Pearls of Podkarpacie region” completed. The company ML System has been awarded in the category: THE PEARL among the projects of entrepreneurs. The aim of the competition was to honorable mention several initiatives that respond to the needs of local communities and significantly contribute to the development of the region.

ML System company has been awarded the title of MARKET LEADER IN INNOVATION 2013 – Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness – and thus was among the winners of the most innovative companies in Poland in plebiscite organized by the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (Legal Newspaper Journal).

On 19 February 2014 in Aviation Museum in Krakow were handed out rewards in the Plebiscite “Business Gazelle 2013” organized by the “Business Pulse” Journal. ML System Company took the second place in the ranking of the most dynamic small and medium businesses of the Sub-Carpathian Region and the fourteenth place in the national ranking.