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PhotonWall - photovoltaic facade panels are product of Polish technological company ML SYSTEM, it enables every architect, designer and every contractor creating aesthetic, practical and unique designs using the requirements of solar energy technology, regardless of whether they are building a new facility or renovating an old one.

The solar architecture is based on materials that produce green and emissionfree energy. It is a new reality that combines utility values and business efficiency - with care for the natural environment. The functional, modern, elegant and pro-ecological forms provided by PhotonWall (photovoltaic façade panels) are objects of interest for designers, investors and contractors.

Why? First of all, because they are a source of free electricity, an inexhaustible source of architectural inspiration and an effective element in the fight against climate changes. PhotonWall is a response to the needs of sustainable building that must ensure climate protection and reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to the use of high-strength laminated glass with an integrated photovoltaic system and design which is inspired by nature, we push the limits of the usefulness of modern façade panels.


A new dimension in the use of facade cladding

Protection, aesthetics and safety of the facility combined with the production of electricity from the sun– all this in one product



Photovoltaic facade panels

Photovoltaic elevation panels are a complete solution supplied together with mounting system. The whole set has been tested by accredited renowned European Testing institutions within the scope of environmental, construction and photovoltaic norms as well as fire safety regulations. The mounting system has been designed in a way which allows for minimalisation of usage of the material, the same aluminium profile can be used for mounting the panel vertically and horizontally. The specially prepared structure of the material’s surface retains its natural form and proves the nobility and innovation of the world’s first production process used commercially. The professionalism of ML System is confirmed by being fully prepared to complex co-operation within the whole construction process starting at idea and design, co-ordination of the construction works finishing on achiving higher energy efficiency grade of the building. The company’s product offer is complemented by its own Building Energy Management System which can be interated with other superior Management systems, or can co-operate with other management softwares. The use of ML System’s Building Energy Management System provides online service helpline during and after the warranty period.

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