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Ultra PV Modules

The module is adapted to the requirements in terms of performance, size and dimensions. 


  • significant reduction of weight below 10 kg,
  • Dimensions ranges: form 300 mm x 300 mmm to 2000 mm x 2000 mm,
  • Power ranges: from 30 Wp to 400 Wp,
  • Ultra efficient Back Contact  technology (the most efficient cells),
  • 8-times greater resistance  to scraches,
  • higher efficient power,
  • self-cleaning properties
  • anti-reflective properties,
  • higher durability,
  • possibility of using modules in production and warehouse halls thanks to five times the system weight reduction per m2 of module,
  • stiffening aluminium frame.



Photovoltaic sunshades:

Ultra thin glass is also used in photoviltaic sunshades, intended for fasades or roofs of large parking places.


  • significant reduction in weight of support structure cost
  • reduced transport cost
  • easy assembly