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The ML System innovative glass with quantum dots layer is the first and only solution on a global scale which, thanks to the use of a coating consisting of quantum dots on the glass, allows to generate free electricity from the sun, while limiting harmful UV and IR radiation. Glass with quantum coating has very good parameters of light transmission, while maintaining a high thermal insulation coefficient. This innovative solution reduces overheating of rooms, as well as the effect of the so-called urban heat Island (UHI). Is a breakthrough in the energy balance of cities.

Wide Application Possibilities

  • Building façades and curtain walls
  • Roof glazing (skylights)
  • Glass railings, conservatories
  • Glass of mobile devices
  • Unusual projects, e.g. glass bridges, glass stairs, glass floors
  • Special use (medicine, military, aviation)
Max dimensions1000 x 2000 mm
Efficiencyfrom 30W/m2
Thermal insulationUg from 0,4 W/m2K
Energy insulationg from 0,22
Light transmittanceLT up to 85% (for coated VSG)
Additional functions- weather resistance
- resistance to degradation
- resistance to mechanical damage
- safety of use
- tested with fire resistant glass in IGU
for EI30 (according to EN 13501)


New quantum era products could also have a passive quantum coating which, unlike active coatings, does not generate electricity from insolation. This solutions works well in architectural designs in places where the use of energy-active glass is limited or excluded for economic reasons.

Max dimensions2000 x 4000 mm
(3-chamber set)
Thermal insulationUg < 0,5 W/m2K
Solar factorg = 0,22
Light transmittanceLT from 56%
Additional functionsHigh durability of the coatings used,
absorption of the IR range