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The company ML System has been active in the RES industry for several years (year of establishment - 2006). It produces and distributes solar energy solutions, which significantly contributes to the improvement of environmental conditions and the implementation of climate goals related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The business strategy of ML System is in line with the assumptions of the European Green Deal and the necessary process of global energy transformation.

The mission of the ML System Group is to care for the natural environment, which is expressed by providing solutions based on renewable, ecological energy sources - in accordance with the motto adopted in ML System "We are changing the world for future generations". For clients and investors, the Company creates values ​​based on the optimal use of the existing potential, continuous development and implementation of implemented projects and assumed goals.


* A stakeholder is anyone who has an impact on the company's activities and anyone affected by the company's activities. These are: customers, contractors, employees, investors, local community, etc.


data for 2022

Complies with ISO 14 001
• reducing environmental risk by prior identification of threats and preparation for their occurrence (environmental aspects).
• better management of risk factors in the field of environmental protection now and in the future
• improving the efficiency of the use of raw materials and energy and reducing the amount of waste
• optimization of the selection of raw materials, materials and products
• improved cost control due to material and energy savings

Carbon footprint for ML System S.A. it is measured on an annual basis and takes into account the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the activities of the entire organization.

In terms of initiatives aimed at reducing GHG emissions, the use of electricity from photovoltaic panels contributed to reducing the carbon footprint by 447tCO2e/2022.

ML System solutions are an ecological substitute for energy-inefficient, classic building materials, they have an unquestionable advantage in the form of the possibility of converting solar energy into electricity. The products offered by ML System are certified, meet the required standards and declarations, including the Type III Environmental Declaration Certificate (EPD) for BIPV modules (the company is a pioneer in this field)

ML System products - dedicated to ecological and sustainable construction - are present in 26 countries (as of May 30, 2023). Many of the projects for which products are supplied by ML SYSTEM are awarded with prestigious awards on a global scale, including in 2022:
"Facility of the year" - Swedish award for the House of Choice Solna building (FIRST ZERO-ENERGY HOTEL IN SWEDEN), "BIPV AWARD 2021" - Dutch award for the Aeres Hogeschool Almere building,
"Solar Energy Award" - a prestigious Norwegian award for the PV installation of the year 2022 awarded to Voldsløkka Skole in Oslo

ML System solutions are energetically active (they produce renewable energy) replacement of traditional building materials. The distribution of these solutions measurably contributes to the decarbonisation of construction. In addition to its climate-friendly operating activities, ML System also undertakes other initiatives to protect the environment. In 2022, a campaign to clean the surrounding forests was initiated, to which the company's employees were involved. The action was organized in cooperation with the local Forest Inspectorate and is intended to be repeated cyclically (once a year).

The ML System company places great emphasis on regular training of employees in the field of health and safety, several times a year it conducts audits (internal and external) in the field of compliance with health and safety rules. It has operational procedures in the event of a failure implemented and legible for everyone, it also runs a continuous poster and information campaign in the field of work safety and minimizing risks.

In 2022, the Company initiated an original, viral campaign to search for bone marrow donors called IT'S IN THE GENES
In the same year, she financially supported the Hematology Clinic in Rzeszów and the DKMS Foundation.
It also donated disinfectants to help medical units in Ukraine.

The company cooperates with schools and universities in Poland and around the world in the field of education and building environmental awareness, organizes apprenticeships and internships, as well as study visits to the company's headquarters combined with presentations of products and production processes. Qualified staff of the company also gives thematic lectures and presentations at various domestic and foreign conferences and trainings.

In 2022, ML System provided support to the poorest families of the local community (purchase of cleaning products, food, toys, hygiene products) and the local Orphanage (purchase of a dishwasher and cleaning products).
The Management Board of ML System also participates in grassroots employee initiatives and organized material and financial collections.

From the first days of the war, ML System has been helping refugees by organizing jobs and supporting their assimilation and minimizing barriers (employment of an HR department employee who speaks Ukrainian, preparation of documents in Ukrainian, assistance in organizing a stay in Poland, etc.).
The company also supports material and financial collections organized to help Ukraine
ML System participates financially and substantively in meetings (conferences, congresses, workshops, etc.) on environmental protection, ecological solutions in construction and activities for the process of effective energy transformation (including Green Weekend in Rzeszów, Energy Security - pillars and development perspective)

The ML System company has an INDUSTRIAL SECURITY CERTIFICATE, which in practice means that it has human capital ready to carry out tasks covered by the protection of classified information and a special certified room /Secret Office/, as well as accredited ICT equipment. The company's employees are informed in a transparent, controlled and accessible manner about the need to protect confidential data and data that is a company secret. Great emphasis is placed on the protection of personal data of the company's customers and partners.
As of May 30, 2023, ML System has 16 patents granted and 9 patent applications are under evaluation

ML System will publish its first ESG report in the next calendar year (2024).

The Management Board of ML System consists of 2 women and 2 men
Dawid Cycoń – President of the Management Board, Rafał Sadzyński – Vice-President of the Management Board
Edyta Stanek – Vice-President of the Management Board, Anna Warzybok – Vice-President of the Management Board
Integrated management system
based on ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, ISO 45 001, ISO 5001

ML System is a public company. It has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2018. It communicates transparently with the market using many available tools, i.e.

ML System is primarily about people, the team, relations with stakeholders, the atmosphere inside the company and in contacts outside its headquarters. The pillar of the company is a qualified team of experts and professionals who are extremely involved in the development of the company, for whom a friendly, safe and promising working environment based on stable employment has been created (98% of employees are employed under an employment contract). Internal relations are based on dialogue and mutual respect. In relations with the external environment, the company is guided by the same principles. It communicates with the market in a transparent and easily accessible way, using various sources (dedicated e-mail addresses, social networking sites, online meetings, interviews, industry events, etc.)

ML System fulfills the information obligations of public companies. It maintains the highest standards of communication with investors and other stakeholders. The data is published in a reliable and transparent manner, in accordance with the adopted communication strategy. Report on the activities of the Management Board for 2022 (containing financial and non-financial data as well as ESG aspects is available here (POLISH VERSION ONLY ):