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ML System offers not only modern technologies but also innovative photovoltaic structures. The ML LAMELA 380F and 429F fixed and movable sun protection systems can replace classic, e.g. aluminum blinds, louvers with integrated photovoltaic modules, which are also a source of clean renewable energy.

Photovoltaic modules are placed on glass shutters, and the aluminum structure, stretched on poles with a spacing of up to 4 meters, allows mounting directly to the building wall or to mullion-transom facades.

Photovoltaic sunshades can be installed in a mobile version, allowing you to adjust the angle of the glass element.

With the help of an optional set of sensors (temperature, light intensity, GPS, wind speed) constituting a weather station and a properly programmed logic controller (PLC), the slat inclination angle can be changed automatically.

Photovoltaic sunshades solve the problem of over-glazing in buildings, providing a sunshade, and at the same time converting solar radiation into electricity that can be used to power the building. Additionally, they are an aesthetic architectural complement. The possibility of using tinted glass and powder coating of the aluminum structure in any RAL color, allows the system to be integrated into both existing and newly designed buildings.

In buildings whose façades are made of brick walls, the ML LAMELA sun protection system gives the structure "lightness" and often creates their basic architectural value. Used in buildings implementing the idea of ​​"glass houses" create their coherent image and emphasize their unique character. In any case, being a source of clean renewable energy, they contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings to a much greater extent than conventional sun protection systems. As a result, in the certification process carried out, for example, according to BREEAM® and LEED® standards, they can obtain higher ratings.


Technical parameters

Unit power

up to 170 Wp/m2

PC cell efficiency

up to 22,5%

Modules types


incl. back – contact






Substructure material

Aluminium AW 6063 / AW 6060 alloy

Support post width

50 mm

Max. Suport post spacing

4000 mm

Structure colour

RAL palette

Lamella width

380/429 mm

Lamella thickness

1,5 to 20 mm

Lamella tilt adjustment

10 deg. Pitch – Manual/smooth power actuators

Advantages of photovoltaic sunshades

Reducing overheating of rooms

Generation of electricity

A wide range of transparency and colours of lamellas

Stable construction, modern design

Any adjustment of the tilt angle of lamellas

No need for snow removal

By using of the ultralight materials, the load of the building façade is lower

Easy maintenance

Generating savings

Custom application