ML Glass is a line of insulated glass units that can be integrated with the heating and photovoltaic layers.

Such a model consists of three pieces of glass placed parallel to each other, separated by an insulating frame. A photonic layer is applied to the middle piece of glass, which, in combination with properly selected LEDs, allows you to adjust the transparency of the glass. The inner layer is an integrated heating layer (electricity passing through the invisible layer of metal oxide applied to the glass heats up to a working temperature of 20-60 degrees Celsius), while the outer layer contains photovoltaic cells or quantum dots, which allows you to generate electricity yields.


Just like every pane produced by ML System, ML GLASS products can also be used as fillings for mullion and transom façades or glass skylights, due to the requirements for adequate thermal insulation, they are used for glazing in the form of combinations.

The ML GLASS product line is of high quality and unique design. Possibilities offered by products from the ML GLASS line:

  • individual adjustment of transparency, which can be achieved by selecting the desired option on the remote control or using the integrated control panel. This allows not only to obtain a high aesthetic value, but also (e.g. when used as a partition wall inside rooms) to obtain privacy for people staying in the facility,
  • space heating; thermal comfort can be provided according to the individual needs of the user, both for individual rooms and the entire facility,
  • Energy saving; energy obtained from the photovoltaic layer can be directly transferred to power the heating and/or photonic layer, thus reducing the cost of heating rooms and the cost of energy used to illuminate the photonic layer,
  • high thermal insulation of glazing units, one of the best heat transfer coefficients on the market at the level of Ug=0.5 W/m2K,
  • adjusting the dimensions to individual customer needs,
  • shaping aesthetics through ceramic printing and engraving on glass - the solution allows you to transfer any graphics, architectural vision in the form of a picture or the effect of etched glass to the product