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Increasingly, traditional posts with timetables at public transport stops are being replaced by modern and aesthetic information pylons.

Photovoltaic system powered by ML System Smart Pylon not only helps to orientate in the departure times of buses and trams. It can also be equipped with a wifi router, monitoring and a socket for charging laptops, tablets or smartphones. It does not require access to the power grid, as the pylon can operate on the principle of an autonomous installation in which solar modules power the battery. The device's operation is supervised automatically, thanks to which the photovoltaic energy produced is properly used.

The information table is illuminated at times of poor visibility and after dark. In addition, it is possible to start lighting using the latest generation of motion or dusk sensors. Instead of traditional paper timetables, it is possible to install a variable content display with wireless, central or local control. Thanks to this, passengers will receive the most up-to-date information about a given bus or tram line.

The device, which goes with the spirit of the Smart City idea, is distinguished by modern design and a stable structure resistant to weather conditions. It can be equipped with a self-clearing function, thanks to which its maintenance is simple even in winter.

Technical parameters
Unit power

up to 285 Wp/m2

PC cell efficiency up to 22,5%
Max. operating voltage 1000 V Dc
Capacity charging laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.
Wi -Fi
Module types mono
Optional with lighting option
with NoFrost
Width according to customer requirements
Height according to customer requirements
Length according to customer requirements
Glazing colours full palette of RAL colors
Materials galvanized steel
stainless steel
Structure colour RAL palette
Module thickness 3 - 22 mm
Advantages of small architecture integrated with photovoltaics
Free electricity Generating savings
Custom application Modern and individual design, stable constructor
No need for snow removal, generation of more electricity in winter, easy maintenance The possibly of placing it in many different places due to its autonomy
By using of the ultralight glass the structure becomes more resistant to dirt and weather conditions System technical specifications