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ML-UV-BOX works with the use of high-energy electro-magnetic radiation. It neutralises pathogens of any type, including the ones causing COVID-19 desease.

Removes bacteria, germs, viruses, moulds & fungi from glass, paper, metal or synthetic surfaces ensuring the total safety for disinfected materials (for example documents or banknotes).

Especially designed interior with the use of reflective coatings & appropriate sources of electromagnetic waves of the UV scope makes the disinfecting process last from thirty seconds up to maximum of a few minutes. Additionally the electromagnetic wave’s dispersion is performed in the way guaranteeing equal irradiation proces of the surfaces.

The device does not generate any dirt and thanks to the integrated safety system it switches off when detecting the open doors or any other irregularities.


• Very high effectiveness >98%*
• Neutralisation of COVID-19 virus (and other viruses)
• Instant disinfection proces - 30 seconds
• Full safety of use
• Does not require the use of chemical aids
• Made of highest quality components
• Intuitive handling of the device
• Integrated safety guarantee system

Application :

• Offices
• Health service
• Hospitality (hotels, restaurants)
• Public administration
• Banking sector
• Industrial services

Technical Parameters:

• Dimensions: 95 x 50 x 50 cm
• Weight: 15 kg
• Voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

*The effectiveness of action confirmed by testing by a renowned biotechnology unit specializing in the reaseach of micro-organisms.

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