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PV Max Color modules are offered in size 1025 x 1835 mm and assembly using deicated fixing system, guaranteeing safety, without the risk of damage to the plating. The modules are available in two variants; frame and glass-glass. This product is available in three basic colors: gold, gray and ceramic, and on request it can be made in any color.


PV Max Color:

  • basic color: gold, grey, ceramic
  • also available in diference color 
  • variants: frame, glass glass
  • durability and power stability
  • producer guarantee - 30 years on module

The basic components of the PV modules is monocrytsalline silicon. The ML System PV modules are compatible with the majority of PV mounts available on the market and are designed for flat roofs, pitched roofs and ground instalation.

telefon kontaktowy do firmy ML System If you have any questions please do  not hesitate contact with our Sales Team.