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Photovoltaic insulated glass is used as a filling of a standard facade and glass skylights. The outer side of the combination is made of a photovoltaic module. The use of an appropriate type of low-emission coatings improves the heat transfer coefficient achieved by a given type of combination:

  • single-chamber glass: Ug=1,1 W/m2K
  • two-chamber glass: Ug=0,8 W/m2K
  • three-chamber glass: Ug=0,4 W/m2K

One and two-chamber photovoltaic glazing sets can be in various configurations, fulfilling many functions:

  • solar control glass - containing a solar control layer that reduces the amount of heat entering the room;
  • sound-absorbing glass - protecting against external noise; technical parameters selected depending on the nature of the noise;

  • safety glass - a set with increased resistance to breakage and shattering - pieces of glass do not crumble;

  • anti-burglary glass - thanks to the appropriate selection of laminated glass units, they gain the appropriate class of anti-burglary protection;

  • bulletproof glass - thanks to a specially selected technology, the set becomes bulletproof.

The most advanced model is the PVGLASS + - insuleted glass, integrated with the photonic, heating and photovoltaic layer. The solution is a source of electricity and heat in the room, it also allows the selection of glass transparency depending on the user's preferences. 


Working temperature

20 - 60 °C

Unit power

Up to 400W/m2

Working voltage

240 V AC

Substructure material

Ref. system manufacturer

Max. dimension of modules

Ref. system manufacturer

Construction colors

RAL palette

Thickness of shaft sets with modules

Ref. system manufacturer

Types of glazing with modules

Single translucent

Single enameled

1-chamber PV IGU

2-chamber PV IGU

Translucency of the module

As required