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Sill glass

SIll Glass -
ML System sill - is an innovative product with induction heating and charging functions, and at the same time supporting the maintenance of proper air circulation in the interior.

Regardless of the utility values, a windowsill can emphasize the character of a given room and serve as a kind of decoration. Practical and decorative functions are more and more often combined.



1500x300 mm

950x300 mm

Power use:

max 1050 W

max 750 W

Additional functions:

sterowanie dotykowe, screen showing actual heating temperaturę integrated with the indicator of its current working state ,temperature regulation option 20-70°C

LED backlighting:

heating – red lighting, induction charging– blue lighting, simultanous heating & charging– mix or red & blue colors

Charging parameters:

compliance with the Qi, 4 charging modes dependant on the power used by the device - 5W/7,5W/10W oraz 15W




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