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Even such a simple element of small architecture as a bench in a park or on a promenade can go with the "smart" spirit. This place of relaxation and waiting in a modern edition is a response to the growing demand for the possibility of charging mobile devices in public places, especially in cities developing according to the Smart City idea. That is why the photovoltaic bench has been equipped with a power supply function for mobile phones, tablets and laptops and a Wi-Fi module enabling access to the Internet. In addition, it can have lighting, heated seats or a self-snow function. All this is powered by green solar energy, thanks to solar modules mounted on its roof.

The photovoltaic bench can operate autonomously or with an optional external power supply 230 V. Its structure is based on aluminum elements, steel or classic wood. The smart bench uses frameless glass-glass modules made of transparent or mass-colored safety glass.




Parametry techniczne
Unit power215 Wp
Seat heating power790 W
Inductive charger√ - 2szt.
USB charger√ - 2szt
Seat illumination2 – 20 W
BatteryGel 45AH
Length3160 [mm]
Height599 [mm]
Width319/380 [mm]
Technical sheet
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