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The basic function of skylights placed in glazing of roofs of buildings is lighting the interior. Their use in the construction of photovoltaic glass enables the use of skylights to produce electricity for the installation.

ML System offers standard and structural photovoltaic skylights based on single or double chamber insulated glass in which the outer pane is replaced with a photovoltaic module.

Skylights equipped with fillings in the form of photovoltaic modules provide:

  • adequate lighting of rooms (translucency is adjusted to customer requirements)
  • high thermal insulation (modules constitute the outer pane of thermo-insulated glass sets)
  • optimal energy production
  • equipped with the NoFrost function ensure self-snow removal of roof surfaces
  • permanent access of natural light to the rooms (NoFrost function prevents snow from accumulating on the skylight)


Unit power

max. 200 Wp / m2

PV cell efficiency

max .22,5 %

Max. Operating voltage

 1000 V

Module types

incl. Back-contact


Thin layer





Substructure material

Ref. System manufacturer

Maximum module size

Ref. System manufacturer

Structure colour

Ral palette

PV module IGU thickness

Ref. system manufacturer

PV module IGU type

Single IGU – transparente

Single IGU – enamel-coated

1-chamber IGU

2-chamber IGU

PV module IGU heat transfer coefficient

0.8 – 1.1 W / m2 K

Module transparency

As required


Advantages of photovoltaic skylights

Free electricity

No need for snow removal, protection against weather conditions

Generating savings

Generation of more electricity in winter

Stable construction, modern design, simple maintenance custom application

By using of the ultralight glass, the implementation of the structures on the roofs is possible because of their low carrying capacity

Choice of transparency level