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Glass with an active quantum coating for Automotive


Glass with an active quantum coating is a glass that enables the conversion of sunlight into electricity, while improving the thermal and energy insulation of vehicles.  The glass is characterized by high transparency and absorption of harmful UV-ABC radiation (close to 100%) with simultaneous conversion into electricity - which results in increased yields, less sensitivity to heating and limited transmission of heat penetrating inside, which translates into reduced use of air conditioning. The product is characterized by low sensitivity to urban contamination and increased resistance - thin glass has increased mechanical strength and resistance to weather conditions, including hail or glass tarnishing, and a reduced weight - approx. 70% of existing solutions. The Quantum Glass coating pane owes it all to quantum dots - small semiconductors with sizes ranging from a few to several nanometers. Particles that are invisible to the human eye have enormous power - they are able to absorb and emit electromagnetic waves in a fixed range. This "skill" allows you to turn solar radiation into electricity. The quantum dot coating is a breakthrough project developed by the ML SYSTEM scientific team. Our company implements a project to build and equip a plant, which will start serial production of Quantum Glass insulating glass, a technological revolution for the industry construction, advertising and mobility.


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