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The ML System glass heater
is a combination of modern design and the highest quality of workmanship. This device provides optimal thermal conditions and is intended for people who want to equip their interior with an innovative and unconventional device.

A wide range of designs and colors makes the device perfectly match the arrangement of any room.

Model1500 U1500 D1500 L1500 R
Dimensions (height x width x depth) (without mounting elements)1200 x 600 x 30 mm600 x 1200 x 30 mm
Location of controls and displayTopBottomLeftRight
(without installation
Rated power1500W
Power supply230 V/50 Hz, integrated power cord
Max. radiator
70°C (limited electronically)
Heating speedup to 10°C/min
IP Protection degreeIP 65
PrintCeramic, made with InkJet technique
Control systemElectronic, touch
Additional functions• overheating protection
• maintaining the set temperature
• LED display



A glass heater is a solution that works great in modern interiors where attractive design elements and the highest quality of workmanship are of great importance. Such devices have been created for people who value innovative and unconventional accessories. Besides an extremely aesthetic appearance, the heater also provides optimal thermal conditions. The ML System S.A. glass heater is available in any color and pattern version, which makes it easy to match it to various arrangements and many rooms. The glass heater allows for maintaining proper climatic conditions in the room, which directly translates into the comfort of the household members and their well-being.

Electric glass radiator - innovative solutions for your home

The device described is a modern alternative to classic cast iron and sheet metal radiators. This innovative solution has many advantages. It serves as an efficient heating device and an interesting element of interior design. The electric glass radiator operates differently than traditional cast iron and sheet metal models. These models are heated using water that flows in a closed circuit. Glass versions, on the other hand, emit heat as a result of the flow of electrical current. This phenomenon involves the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy. Heat is responsible for triggering the convection phenomenon, which results in the circulation of air. As a result, the mass of air with higher temperature displaces the mass of air with lower temperature located above the radiator. In addition, there is also thermal radiation emanating from the heated plate of the radiator.

In which rooms is the glass radiator suitable?

The T Glass model is a solution for those who want to avoid the need to wait for the heating water to be heated and introduced into the circuit, which often happens with traditional radiators connected to a shared circuit. The models offered by ML System S.A. use electric heating, so homeowners can turn them on at any time, regardless of the processes occurring in the water circuit. The decorative glass radiator heats up quickly (10°C/min). The heating temperature is set on the touch panel. This allows you to enjoy pleasant warmth in just a few minutes, regardless of the weather conditions. Such devices work excellently in every functional room, both in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and in office spaces.

Glass radiators - additional information

The described devices feature a surface area of 1200mm x 600mm and a heating power of 1450W. If you want more radiators in your home or apartment, you can easily control their operation individually or as a group. This makes it easy to achieve optimal temperature in each room. Group control is done from a single controller. Devices available in the ML System S.A. offer are easy to install, lightweight, and take up little space on the wall. Other advantages include high energy efficiency, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. It is possible to create a radiator according to an individual design, allowing for maximum personalization of the device.

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