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At ML System, we know that a well-selected and well-made structure guarantees long-term and trouble-free use of a photovoltaic installation. We use high-quality materials to produce our structures serve our customers for many years.

Our structures are characterized by stability, high quality of workmanship, high durability and long service life. Individual details are made of weather-resistant materials. The entire structure looks extremely aesthetic and impressive. The most popular system of photovoltaic structures mounted on the roofs of enterprises, warehouses, etc. there are fixings for a flat roof, which we are the manufacturer of. Among the solutions for flat roofs, we have ballast structures - south, ballast - east-west and aero structures in a vertical and horizontal arrangement. High quality of workmanship and high durability of our structures translate into the durability of the entire installation.

Our offer also includes structures for sloping roofs such as: seam sheet metal, trapezoidal sheet metal, metal roof tiles, ceramic roof tiles, both flat and plain, as well as structures intended for installation on a flat roof. We also sell universal free-standing ground structures.


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