Photovoltaic Balustrades


Glass balustrades are elements that appear in almost every architectural design. Their chic and elegance fits perfectly into both modern and traditional construction styles. Most often, they constitute a barrier that protects users of a certain space from falling out. External balustrades from ML SYSTEM have another very useful feature - they generate electricity.

Photovoltaic cells laminated between two layers of glass turn the glass balustrade into a photovoltaic module. A wide range of colors of foil, glass and photovoltaic cells used in glass balustrades allows you to fulfill the most sophisticated visions of architects and give buildings new aesthetic values. Increasing the distance between the cells, laser structuring of the cells or using transparent cells ensures the expected effect - maintaining or limiting the transparency of the balustrade.

Photovoltaic balustrades are made in any size, up to a maximum length of 3.5 m, and adapted to various types of mounting and handrails, according to individual needs.

Flexibility in the selection of sizes, the possibility of using various fasteners and handrails, rich colors, various degrees of transparency and a new utility function - generating electricity - determine the unique attractiveness of ML SYSTEM photovoltaic glass balustrades, both in aesthetic and economic terms.

Advantages of photovoltaic facades

• they are an attractive investment in terms of financial savings. Although their initial price may seem high, it is worth paying attention to the long-term benefits
• they can also help to increase the value of the property. Ecological energy solutions are becoming more and more desirable on the market, which may affect the attractiveness and competitiveness of real estate in the future.
• they are an innovative solution that not only provides an aesthetic appearance, but also contributes to energy savings. Thanks to the use of photovoltaic modules in the balustrade structure, solar energy is used to generate electricity.


Unit powerMax. 220 Wp / m2
PV cell efficiencyMax. 24,5%
Max operating voltage1000 V DC
Module types


incl. back – contact

Thin layer

Quantum dots coating




Substructure materialAluminium
Module to module
gap V/H
from 10 mm
Maximum module size3600 x 2200 mm
Structure colourRAL palette
Module thickness8 to 22 mm

s1 according to EN 13501

d0 according to EN 13501

No fire spread in the facade - tested in Fire Material Institute

No ellements falling from the wall while fire - tested for minnimum 60 minutes resistance


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