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Q Glass for Automotive
3 July 2020
HQ Glass – Intelligent heating glass
3 July 2020

Q Glass for construction industry

Q Glass is the first solution in the world where a seemingly ordinary glass, in addition to the basic function of insulation from external factors, such as temperature or noise, while providing lighting for the interior of buildings, is an active element generating free ecological energy from the sun. The solution is all the more attractive as it looks no different from traditional insulating glass units commonly used in the construction industry, where the invisible metal oxide coating has been replaced with a quantum dot coating. Q Glass acts as a filter, transmitting light radiation in the visible length, and the unfavorable UV and infrared rays are converted into electricity. As a result, the panes have very good light transmission parameters with additional benefits in the form of generating free energy from the sun, and a significant reduction in unfavorable phenomena in the form of room heating and UV radiation penetration.

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