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21 December 2021

Visit of the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk at ML System S.A.

Regarding of the event’s celebration – 15th anniversary of the company’s operation and the Grand Opening of the world’s first production line of QGlass (date: December […]
6 April 2018

Luminescent glasses

Decorative glass with luminescent material with the layers transmitting and scattering the light. Based on the project, we are able to design and personalize decorative lightening […]
28 February 2018

Heating glass

Development and technology advancement should make our lives easier, in each and every sphere. It also applies to the aspects which usually are not receiving much […]
1 February 2018

Electricity from the glass – energy revolution with the use of quantum dots.

Let’s imagine, that in a couple of years our electricity bills will drop by half or even more, as we replace standard windows with nanoPV ones. […]