Warmth retention panels of ML SYSTEM SA with single-chamber and dual-chamber are manufactured from low-E soft/light - coating glass. The value of the emissivity coefficient of the coating is several times lower than the glass. Single-chamber glass built from this type of glass allows to achieve parameters: high permeability of daylight, the lowest possible a thermal  transmission coefficient U, high transparency, colour neutrality and optimal energy transmission.

The most important parameter determining the thermal insulation properties of the multi-glazed panels is the heat transfer coefficient U which characterises the amount of heat penetrating through the panel to the outside. The lower the coefficient U, the better the thermal insulation properties. It is calculated according to the EN 673 standard.

Scope of coefficient U of produced glass:

  • Single-chamber multi-glazed panel: U=1.6 do 0,9 [W/m2K]
  • Double-chamber multi-glazed panel: U=0.7 do 0.5 [W/m2K]