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Meeting the trend of electromobility, ML System offers parking shelters adapted to the needs of electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and any kind of electric mobility such as scooters, bicycles or electric scooters.

Carport, photovoltaic roofing of parking spaces, is a functional and aesthetic solution designed for city parking lots, car and bicycle shelters, parking spaces for scooters and electric scooters. It is a product that can be adapted to roofing projects for single parking spaces as well as multi-parking spaces. The use of solar energy to power a car or other electrical devices in the building will save on electricity costs, without harming the natural environment.

The roof structure is made in leakproofness option (Sun Energy, Prestige), protecting cars against sunlight and precipitation.

The combination of modules with the No-Frost function eliminates the need to remove snow from the roof, protects against the possibility of the formation of icicles posing a threat to people and the risk of damaging the vehicle, as well as enables the production of electricity in the winter months (in periods when standard photovoltaic solutions lose their efficiency due to lying snow).

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The structure and modules ensure water tightness and protect against harmful weather conditions such as solar radiation, rain or snow (aveliable in Sun Energy and Prestige options).


Double toughened laminated glass ensures full safety for users.


A simple assembly system makes possible to connect many modules, thanks to which the carport works well as a parking shelter of various sizes. The possibility of personalizing the dimensions allows adaptation to the customer's needs.


Resistant to external weather conditions, included wind thrust and suction and lying snow. Glass-glass photovoltaic modules ensure safety of use, efficiency and stable aluminum structure ensures durability carport for years.


Guarantee for system – 24 months.


Readability step-by-step instructions for self-assembly or the possibility of ordering construction with assembly.


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