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Nanotechnology with Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Chemistry Nobel Prize 2023 goes to… Quantum Dots

This year’s Nobel Prize winners in chemistry are: Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus and Alexei Ekimov. The scientists were honored for their work in the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots — tiny particles of matter that emit exceptionally pure light. “The Nobel Prize winners […] managed to produce particles so small that their properties are determined by quantum phenomena. Particles called quantum dots are currently of great importance in nanotechnology,” we read in the statement of the Nobel Prize Committee in Chemistry published on Wednesday (October 4, 2023).

Our congratulations to the winners!

What does Chemistry Nobel Prize mean for us?

In our laboratory, we have been conducting research for over 10 years aimed at using nanostructures, in particular quantum dots, in energy conversion and storage processes. We are very pleased that this aspect of science has been appreciated by the Nobel Prize committee, because nanomaterials are becoming more and more often used in many fields such as medicine, electronics, including the construction of quantum computers. Due to their unique properties, especially the dependence of the band gap on their size, quantum dots have enormous potential in both wave absorption and emission processes. Thanks to them, it is possible to produce light with a precisely defined wavelength (color), which is used in light-emitting diodes, TVs and lasers, as well as selective absorption of light of selected energy and effective conversion into electric charge, making it possible to build transparent photovoltaic cells. The research work carried out in our laboratories focused on low-dimensional materials not only allowed the use of quantum dots in third-generation PV cells, but also gives us the opportunity to use knowledge, experience and a well-equipped laboratory to create advanced technologies using materials such as quantum dots. The awarding of the Nobel Prize for work on quantum dots shows that these materials are key to the development of cutting-edge technologies, and we are glad that we can be part of this great revolution of materials designated with the prefix nano.

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