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Photovoltaic roof tiles

It's time to be energy independent

It's time for an efficient and aesthetic solar roof

A breakthrough in roofing technology - Innovative photovoltaic tile with a ceramic layer.

Product combines the advantages and durability of traditional roof tiles with the functionality of producing free electricity and improving thermal insulation. The innovative arrangement of the tile pattern consisting of properly designed micro-objects, gives high energy yields.

In addition, the combination of a ceramic layer with metallic nanoparticles of a specific diameter significantly reduces the IR radiation that heats the surface. The specially developed production technology allows for precise reproduction of the existing colors, which allows us to install the tiles on a wide range of buildings, including historic buildings.

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visualization with the possible use of the product, Wiśnicz Castle

    visualization with the possible use of the product, Wiśnicz Castle

      Investment in an efficient and aesthetic photovoltaic roof

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      A breakthrough in roofing technology

      Examples of available colors*

      *We have made every effort to ensure that the colors shown on the screen and in printed materials reflect the colors of our products as closely as possible. However, we cannot guarantee their perfect reproduction. The colors shown in the pictures may differ from the real ones - this is due to the variety of available computer equipment and its individual settings, in particular the settings of the monitor and graphics card.

      A photovoltaic tile roof is an innovative solution that combines the features and durability of traditional tiles, a high level of thermal insulation and, above all, the ability to produce electricity. The PV tile with a ceramic layer produced by ML System guarantees high energy yields. In addition, the innovative combination of a ceramic layer with metallic nanoparticles reduces the IR radiation responsible for heating the surface.
      Modern production technology allows you to choose and reproduce any color of the tile you want.
      This means that an ecological and aesthetic photovoltaic roof can be successfully mounted on any building (both modern and historic, regardless of their purpose and location).

      Photovoltaic roofing - effective production of free energy from the sun

      The photovoltaic tile is distinguished by its aesthetic appearance and resembles the classic plain tile. This applies to both the shape and thickness, as well as the color of the traditional tile. The use of an innovative photovoltaic tile system, created e.g. of specially designed micro-objects, guarantees high efficiency of the solar installation. an innovative system of metallic nanoparticles combined with a ceramic layer provides effective protection against excessive heating of the roofing. Excellent electrical parameters, combined with reliability, maintenance-free and safety of use, make the solar tile an efficient and effective source of free energy from the sun.

      Photovoltaic roof - ability to manage produced energy

      The photovoltaic tile comes in several variants (modules), thanks to which the installation, regardless of the size and type of the roof, is quick and easy. Single solar tiles are available, as well as 3-module and 6-module tiles that speed up the entire installation process. The structure and technology in which the PV tile was made guarantees high efficiency, and the additional implementation of the dedicated ML Scada system enables management of Energy.

      Photovoltaic roof consistent with the building

      Solar roofs are a solution that enables effective production of free energy from the sun throughout the year. It is perfect for buildings that, for various reasons, cannot be equipped with a traditional photovoltaic installation. A solar tile solution can be planned both at the design stage of the building and during its renovation. especially in the second case, the ability to accurately reproduce the color of the original roof is extremely important.

      Photovoltaic roofs - full resistance to weather conditions

      Photovoltaic roofing, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship, is distinguished by full resistance to weather conditions. The parameters of the photovoltaic tiles meet all the requirements that are imposed on standard roof tiles in the highest class. This applies to bending permeability and wind resistance. All the above parameters of solar roof tiles have been confirmed by tests. The PV tile is protected against hail. Even during heavy snowfall, there is no need to remove it, because the photovoltaic tile has a self-clearing function. In addition, ML System photovoltaic roofs are characterized by high resistance to external fire. In addition, they are covered with a self-cleaning layer, which increases the efficiency of the entire installation. In everyday use, this means that the entire installation is virtually maintenance-free.

      Solar roofs – energy independence within reach

      investing in a photovoltaic roof tile is a proven and, above all, effective way to produce free energy from the sun. The guarantee of return on investment costs, combined with a significant reduction in electricity bills, makes this solution very popular in the case of single-family houses, company buildings, commercial premises, and even historic buildings. Emission-free production of electricity from the sun makes it possible to achieve energy independence and effectively protect against unforeseen situations on the energy price market. An investment in a solar roof is not only a reduction in electricity bills, but also an investment in safety, independence and stability.

      Photovoltaic tile available in every color

      Solar tile and standard installations of traditional photovoltaics differ from each other primarily in their construction. The advantage of the photovoltaic tile is definitely less load on the entire roof structure. A traditional photovoltaic installation is mounted on top of the existing roofing and therefore represents a double load. On the other hand, the photovoltaic tile is not mounted on the roofing, but is a fully airtight and weatherproof roofing itself. Another advantage of the PV tile is the specially designed technology of ceramic printing that enables color reproduction. In addition to the standard colors, i.e. black, anthracite, terracotta and rustic, the tile can be printed in any color. In practice, this means that matching the color (and even the shade) to the style of the building (regardless of its purpose) is not a problem.

      Photovoltaic roofing - an effective way to meet all technical conditions

      New buildings (including buildings intended for residential purposes) must meet new, more restricted criteria for secondary and primary Energy. The photovoltaic tile allows you to efficiently produce free energy from the sun. This means that it is an effective way to meet new construction standards. If you have any questions regarding the photovoltaic roofing, please contact our advisors via e-mail, phone or contact form.

      Questions and Answers


      1. Is a photovoltaic tile and a solar tile the same thing?
      Yes. This is what we call a solution integrated with the roofing that combines the functionality of a traditional roofing with the production of electricity from the sun.

      2. What is the difference between a photovoltaic roof tile and photovoltaic panels?
      Both solutions convert solar radiation into clean energy. Both are a recipe for independence and security. They differ in appearance - the photovoltaic tile guarantees a timeless design that matches the style of the entire facility. Solar tile and traditional photovoltaics also differ from each other in their construction - the tile will not double the load on the structural elements of the roof truss because it is not placed on the existing roofing, but it itself is a tight and solid roofing.

      3. Does the installation of a photovoltaic tile take longer than the installation of a traditional ceramic tile?
      No. Installing an integrated solar roof takes the same time as traditional roofing.

      4. Is the solar roof safe?
      Of course. Properly installed by a qualified team, the solar roof is completely safe. We attach a detailed manual instruction to the installation of our solutions, or in the case of a comprehensive implementation, we choose only trained professionals who know the art of roofing and have knowledge in the field of electricity.

      5. Is the decision to install a photovoltaic roof tile related to the decision to become a prosumer?
      Yes. A prosumer is any person who generates electricity from renewable energy sources. A photovoltaic tile produces electricity from the sun. Its owner is therefore a prosumer.

      6. Can I install a photovoltaic roofing tile on an existing plain-tile roofing?
      Yes. We adapt projects to new and existing roofs. The technology of ceramic printing allows us to adapt to the individual aesthetic expectations of the recipient.

      7. What is the returned cost of investment?
      It depends on the size of the installation and the selected color of the tile. The greatest efficiency is obtained on black and dark colors. Larger installations with more power and in places where the sun shines longer and more often pay off faster. Our dedicated advisors will help you choose the optimal and efficient solution.

      8. Is the photovoltaic plain tile resistant to hail?
      Yes. Photovoltaic plain tiles show greater resistance to hail and external factors than traditional ceramic plain tiles, which has been confirmed by appropriate laboratory tests.

      9. Does the photovoltaic tile produce electricity in winter?
      Yes. The tile produces electricity on sunny days, which are numerous in the winter.
      It is resistant to snow accumulation (snow cover does not settle on the glass surface of the tile), it also has a self-cleaning layer, which significantly improves its efficiency compared to traditional photovoltaic panels.

      10. What is the photovoltaic tile made of?
      The photovoltaic plain tile is made of glass and active silicon cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

      11. Is the solar roof fire resistant?
      Yes. The roof made of photovoltaic plain tiles is fire resistant, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates.