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Photovoltaic Ventilated Facade

ML System photovoltaic façade panels are an efficient and safe alternative to classic building materials. The use of a high-resolution print makes that this product is a perfect representation of commonly used materials, but with higher resistance parameters, with the advantage of generating free and ecological electricity from the sun. ML System façade panels are a guarantee of safety, durability and return on investment in the form of savings on electricity bills. ML System’s facades panels are a great aestethic and efficiency solution. Moreover of most important function - energy generation, it provides plenty advantages: facade insulation, façade and balcony glazing, additional thermal properties, noise reduction Photovoltaic facade can also be integrated to existing building facades, modernizing them and turning them energy efficient.

Advantages of photovoltaic facades

• Free electricity, generating savings
• By using of the ultralight glass, the facades become lighter, more resistant to dirt and degradation
• Stable construction, modern design
• Cooling of the modules and temperature reduction of the facade through the ventilation effect
• Custom application
• Reduction of the costs od operating air conditioning
• Possibility of remore access to the system work

Technical parameters

Unit power

Max. 220 Wp / m2

PV cell efficiency

Max. 24,5%

Max operating voltage

1000 V DC

Module types


incl. back – contact

Thin layer

Quantum dots coating




Substructure material


Module to module
gap V/H

from 10 mm

Maximum module size

3600 x 2200 mm

Structure colour

RAL palette

Module thickness

3 to 22 mm


s1 according to EN 13501

d0 according to EN 13501

No fire spread in the facade - tested in Fire Material Institute

No ellements falling from the wall while fire - tested for minnimum 60 minutes resistance



Technical draws

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