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2 July 2020
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2 July 2020

ML System has signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland

ML System has signed a co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland, the manufacturer of automotive glass of a global reputation.  The agreement concerns mutual works on implementation to mass production the automotive glass called „QDrive”, which will use the Quantum Dots Technology.

We will offer automotive glass, enabling the conversion of sunlight into electic Energy, simultanously improving the thermal & energetic isolation of the vehicles. It will be possible due to the Fusion of the unique know-how of ML System in the scope of implementation of the Quantum Dots Technology with the great experience of Pilkington Automotive Poland into the production of automotive glass – including the process of shaping. Our partner is the leading provider of glass to the vast majority of car manufacturers – comments Dawid Cycoń, The CEO of ML System.

Te parties obliged themselves to mutually obtain the external financing within the realized research works in order to introduce the technology of automotive glass with quantum dots coating. The co-operation will also relate to exchange of know-how in the area of function and coating glass as well as other accompanying proceses ex. The way of heating or soldering of the electrodes in automotive glass.

What is important the achieved know-how in terms of application of the quantum nano-layers on the glass surfaces will stay in ML System.

Further details as to the co-operation inter alia in relation to patenting the common technologies will be communicated by the parties in the separate agreements.

ML System S.A. is a highly specialized technological company offering innovative building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions. ML System’s products are an attractive alternative to traditional building materials. The company is the Polish market leader in its industry. Moreover, according to the report penned by Building Integrated Photovoltaic Skylights Market 2020-2027, it is one of the top BIPV producers across the world. The total area of the company’s production plant and research and development center is 14.4 thousand square meters. At the end of 2019 ML System had 183 employees. The company holds 12 patents, while five of its patent applications are pending.

Pilkington Automotive Poland manufactures glass designated for the use by the largest car manufacturers in the world, including transport vehicles. The company owns two modern production facilities – the manufacturing site in Sandomierz & the factory in Chmielów in which produced are tempered, laminated, front, side, back and roof glass windows.

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