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16 November 2018
ML System receives another patent
5 December 2019

ML System with patent and protection of utility models

Last week brought positive information from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Our company has received protection rights for two utility models – for a single-chamber glazing unit and two-chamber glazing units as well as a patent for the invention “Encapsulation of active layers in third generation photovoltaic cells”.

Protection for one and two-chamber glazing is related with the investment project of ULTRA PV, which has been indicated as one of the strategic goals during the Company’s debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

– The glass panes used in classic glazing have thicknesses in the range of 4 – 10 mm. Thanks to our technology, they will be reduced to 1 mm, which in turn will significantly reduce the weight of glazing units commonly used in the  construction industry. Additional advantage of proposed solution is to increase the glass surface hardness, which in turn will increase resistance to scratches or tarnishing of the glass surface – says Dawid Cycoń, CEO of ML System.

Regarding the patent “Encapsulation of active layers in third generation photovoltaic cells”, the technology can be used in all cells from the so-called third generation solar cells, which include perovskite cells, dye cells and cell-based solutions based on quantum dot coatings. The essence of this innovation is the tight closure of third generation cells (e.g. quantum dots) in the glass laminate and their isolation from external factors.

– We are pleased that another patent application has been positively examined. The patent granted confirms our determination to implement the plans for commercialization of transparent glass with quantum dot coatings for mass production – comments ML System CEO.

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