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BIPV modules from ML System with EI30 fire resistance

BIPV modules manufactured by ML System have successfully passed fire resistance tests in combination with a fire-resistant glass in an aluminum skylight construction. The test was performed at an accredited test institute.

– “We delivered fireproof glazing units equipped with photovoltaics for the test, i.e. translucent glazing with the use of quantum coatings and glazing with silicon cells. Obtaining the fire resistance class allows our product to be installed in REI30 fireproof skylights, which is a significant supplement to the offer in the field of application of our products in construction. ” – comments Dawid Cycoń, the president of ML System.

Modules and glazes are designed in such a way as to enable the routing of the necessary cables in the spaces between the panes, without hindering the drainage of water through system channels.

More information at the LINK.

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