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“COVID Detector” will support the largest networks of diagnostic tests in Poland
18 May 2021
ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the "Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie"
ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the “Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie”
24 May 2021

Cooperation of ML System with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital focused on effective cancer diagnostics

cancer detection

ML System has signed an agreement with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital in Rzeszów regarding cooperation with the use of “Covid Detector“, focused on the diagnosis of cancer and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, detection of the stage of both diseases, and ultimately classification and treating the patient. The parties will also take steps to initiate clinical trials aimed at verifying the possibility of using the “Covid Detector” for the detection of cancer and its type, using scattering spectroscopy in conjunction with laparoscopy.

A contract signed with a reputable medical facility, a leader not only in Podkarpacie, but also in the scale of the whole country, it is part of the strategy of full use of the potential of the “Covid Detector” by extending the spectrum of its application. In this way, we go far beyond the name of the device, which mainly suggests coronavirus detection. Effective diagnostics of uterine fibroids, and in a broader perspective of other cancers, is a significant step towards the development of the device, as well as professional medical diagnostic methods – comments Dawid Cycoń, president of ML System.

– Uterine fibroids are the most common cancer in women, causing many adverse symptoms, such as abdominal pain, heavy menstruation, and infertility. It occurs in approx.
60-70 percent of women in working age, fortunately, it is a benign tumor. Unfortunately, 1 out of 800 cases is a malignant myoma, called sarcoma – then it is a very dangerous disease, with a very bad prognosis. So far, despite many efforts, no reliable research tool has been developed that would differentiate between the two types of tumors. The aim of the joint project is to create, parameterize and commercialize an endoscopic device that would allow the differentiation of these two types of tumors during the procedure. It would be the first solution of this type in the world that would give rise to changes in the procedures for performing treatments
– says Dr. Tomasz Łoziński, president of the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital.

The above-described innovation in the field of uterine fibroids diagnostics using the “Covid Detector” would minimize the scenario of additional surgery in a patient with malignant myoma, and above all the risk of metastasis.

ML System is a highly specialized technology company with a very strong research and laboratory base, offering innovative photovoltaic solutions integrated with the construction industry (BIPV). ML System products are an attractive alternative to traditional building materials. The company is a leader in its industry on the Polish market. What’s more, according to the Building Integrated Photovoltaic Skylights Market 2020-2027 report, the company is one of the key BIPV producers in the world. The company’s offer also includes a wide range of traditional photovoltaic products, Smart City products and specialized glass, including for the automotive industry. The total area of ​​production plants with warehouses and the research and development center of the company is over 20 thousand square meters. The company has 13 patents and 6 patent applications are pending. Since 2020, ML System has been conducting research on the use of quantum physics phenomena in professional medical diagnostics.

The PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital, thanks to professional care, high quality and comprehensiveness, quickly gained a reputation and trust of patients who come to Rzeszów for treatment from all over the country. Currently, the hospital is dynamically developing breast surgery, sports medicine and surgical treatment of obesity, focusing on full complexity, giving patients the opportunity to use minimally invasive methods of treatment. The hospital also has a Research and Development Center for non-invasive therapeutic methods. PRO-FAMILIA was the first facility in Poland to introduce an innovative method of treating uterine fibroids – ultrasonic thermoablation. The procedure consists in directing the beam of ultrasound energy to the diseased area inside the patient’s body, without affecting the skin and soft tissues. In addition, the entire process is monitored in real time using temperature maps obtained from magnetic resonance imaging, which ensures safety and precision of the procedure. Thanks to this, the patient can leave the hospital after a few hours and return to work the next day. PRO-FAMILIA in numbers: nearly 40,000 delivered births; over 100,000 consultations provided annually; over 5,000 operations performed annually.

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