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31 March 2023
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2 May 2023

Glass with a quantum coating won the innovation award at the BAU in Munich

Glass with a quantum coating awarded for innovation at the BAU Fair

Glass with a quantum coating produced by ML System, awarded for innovation in the field of architecture and construction at the BAU Fair in Munich, the world’s largest construction fair for architects and engineers.

– The award is special because it was awarded to us by a jury composed of industry-renowned architects and engineers who are of fundamental importance in the implementation of construction projects. Many world-famous objects would not see the light if not for their courage and vision. Our glass with a quantum coating is not only the result of courage and visionary, but also responds to the current needs of the market. We are glad that many years of work, first in the R&D aspect, and then in the field of implementation, have been appreciated by experts – comments Dawid Cycoń, CEO of ML System.

With the latest EU directive on zero-emission buildings, a revolution in architecture will come. The new quantum era is the answer to the needs of the architectural and construction industries. Glass with a quantum coating can successfully replace traditional building materials. This solution will generate free electricity from the sun, while maintaining transparency and a high insulation coefficient. Additional benefits of windows with a quantum coating include limiting the phenomenon of room heating and generating energy even from artificial lighting. The angle of incidence of light does not affect the efficiency of the coatings. Quantum technologies are the future of construction. A revolution in architecture is coming, for which our company is fully prepared.

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