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13 February 2023
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BIPV ML System modules for sustainable construction

Environmental Declaration for “BIPV Modules”

ML System S.A. obtained a Type III Environmental Declaration for “BIPV Modules”, issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is created based on the requirements of the standard: ISO 14025 – Type III environmental labels and declarations and the standards: EN 15804 – Sustainability of construction works – Environmental product declarations – Basic rules for categorizing construction products. EPD describes in detail the impact of the product on the natural environment at the various stages of its production and life cycle, starting from the acquisition of materials, through the production stage, transport, assembly, use – ending with disposal and recycling. This is an important factor ensuring that buyers can make a conscious choice of abuilding material, while maintaining significant environmental aspects, consistent with the idea of sustainable development.

Benefits of the EPD Declaration

The EPD provides a wide range of benefits. Differentiates the product from the competition in the construction industry, allows you to compare the environmental impact of the materials in order to choose the most sustainable option. Products with EPD declaration are used during the construction of facilities for which certificates of sustainable construction are required. Moreover, these products adapt to the latest regulations and legal requirements.

BIPV modules, as one of the key products of ML System, comply with the requirements and environmental standards required in sustainable construction.

Currently, ML System as one of the first producers has decided to obtain an Environmental Declaration for “BIPV Modules”, which makes us a pioneer in this undertaking.


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