18 October 2021

ML System in USA

The next step of ML System S.A. in order to expand into foreign markets – ML System Inc was established in the USA, which aims to […]
8 September 2021

ML System as a strategic partner of the international conference on the future of the energy industry

One of the most important events in the energy industry – the 6th Scientific Conference “Energy security – pillars and development perspective” will be held on […]
25 August 2021

Edyta Stanek nominated for the Subcarpathian Innovation Council

On July 26, 2021 the first session of the Subcarpathian Innovation Council was held at the Marshal’s Office in Rzeszów. The project of the Regional Innovation […]
25 August 2021

Swedes delighted with a photovoltaic ventilated facade from ML System

Another BIPV project in the Scandinavian countries was received with enthusiasm by the inhabitants of Sweden. At the end of June an unusual photovoltaic ventilated facade […]
25 August 2021

The “Personality of the Year 2020” award for Dawid Cycoń

The President of ML System, Dawid Cycoń, was the winner of the “Personality of the Year 2020” plebiscite in the Rzeszów district in the Business category, […]
25 August 2021

Covid Detector with proven high diagnostic effectiveness

The company received the Final Report on the single-center clinical trial of the “Covid Detector” device in the scope of the evaluation of the clinical usefulness, […]
25 August 2021

Covid Detector invented by ML System released on the market

ML System has introduced the Covid Detector device for real-time non-invasive diagnostics of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus by detecting its presence in the exhaled air. […]
25 August 2021

ML System with a contract worth 5 million PLN with the City Council of Ulanów

The subject of the contract is the delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of over 1.55 MWp in 459 buildings. “Turn to […]
21 June 2021

AGH Students of the Year 2020 award for Edyta Stanek

The Vice-President and Member of the Management Board of ML System – Edyta Stanek became the laureate of the AGH University of Science and Technology Student […]
15 June 2021

ML System with award for involvement in development of the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone

Industrial Development Agency S.A. has been managing the first special economic zone in Poland since 1995.  At 11th of June on this year in Baranów Sandomierski […]
24 May 2021
ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the "Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie"

ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the “Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie”

The effective use of modern technology and the creation of the Hydrogen Valley is assumed by a letter of intent signed in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The […]
20 May 2021
cancer detection

Cooperation of ML System with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital focused on effective cancer diagnostics

ML System has signed an agreement with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital in Rzeszów regarding cooperation with the use of “Covid Detector“, focused on the diagnosis of […]
18 May 2021

“COVID Detector” will support the largest networks of diagnostic tests in Poland

ML System has signed two letters of intent with leading networks of laboratory diagnostic tests aimed at developing the potential of “COVID Detector”. The first was […]
18 May 2021

ML System will deliver photovoltaics to Kia showrooms in Poland

ML System, one of the global leaders on the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) market, thanks to the signed agreement with Kia Polska, will provide photovoltaic solutions […]
27 July 2020

ML System is the laureate of the European Leadership Awards

We are pleased to announce that an exceptional group of experts associated in the Chapter of the “European Leadership Awards” has decided to award the Laureate […]
2 July 2020

Pilot installation at the roof of PGNiG

With pride we inform that at the roof of the PGNiG (Polish Petroleum & Gas Mining) in Warsaw will be built a pilot photovoltaic installation with […]
2 July 2020

ML System has signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland

ML System has signed a co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland, the manufacturer of automotive glass of a global reputation.  The agreement concerns mutual works on […]
2 July 2020

ML System signed a strategic partnership agreement with Guardian Glass

ML System consistently implements its development strategy, which was confirmed by signing the strategic partnership agreement with Guardian Glass – one of the world’s largest glass […]
29 April 2020

New ML System production hall

ML System has received permission to use the hall where quantum glass panes will be produced as part of the Quantum Glass strategic development project, the […]
29 April 2020

Active & Passive Antivirus barrier

ML System S.A. launches a glass partition – active and passive – protecting against viruses. This is a response to the increase in demand for this […]
28 April 2020

New approval for ML System

The Director of Transport Technical Inspection granted an approval the Company for laminated glass using thin chemically tempered glass with the option of opaque obscuration, laser […]
17 March 2020

Photovoltaic glass with a coating of quantum dots is a winner of the POLISH PRODUCT OF THE FUTURE competition

This year, during the 22nd edition of competition, ML System was awarded and received the Special Award of the Minister of Development for the solution of […]
5 December 2019

ML System receives another patent

The European Patent Office granted a patent to the ML  System, the subject of which is the method of fixing solar panel lamellas using ultra-thin glass […]
17 December 2018

ML System with patent and protection of utility models

Last week brought positive information from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Our company has received protection rights for two utility models – for […]
16 November 2018

President of Poland visits our factory

President of Poland – Mr. Andrzej Duda, has visited our factory. Apart from the visit on our production hall, Mr. President had a brief discussion with […]
31 October 2018

ML System participates in Building Green Copenhagen fairs

ML System takes part in fairs Building Green Copenhagen (31.10 – 1.11), which are one of the largest fairs in Scandinavia in the area of sustainable […]
17 October 2018

ML System received a patent for the glass with the layer of quantum dots

Polish Patent Office granted ML System with the patent for the method of producing photovoltaic modules with the use of quantum dots technology. After that decision, […]
2 September 2018

Poland Business Run in Rzeszów

Charity run Poland Business Run has finally arrived to Rzeszów. This year, the charity campaign supported people with physical disabilities. Although the sports result was obviously […]
28 June 2018

ML System debuts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

ML System, a highly specialized technology company, being the leader of the Polish market for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As […]
21 June 2018

ML System received a fourth patent

Patent Office of Poland granted ML System with the fourth patent “the system of sunshades with fixed and movable blinds”. – Intellectual property is a very […]
21 June 2018

ML System at Presidential Palace

On Tuesday, 19.06, we visited the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. Our stand with innovative quantum dots glass was located in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace […]
28 February 2018

I have a dream – Mikołaj

February 26, 2018 turned out to be a special day for Mikołaj (16 years old). The slogan “Never stop dreaming” took on special significance on that […]
25 July 2016

Golden Payer Certificate 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have received the Golden Payer Certificate for the highest payment standards in 2015. Golden Payer 2015 is the prestigious […]
14 April 2016

I have a dream

12-th February 2016 r. a dream of Maciek (13 years) came true, Maciek is a dreamer from the foundation named “I Have a Dream”. He dreamed […]
18 February 2016

Grand Opening ceremony of ML System S. A. in Zaczernie

On 18th February 2106 held the grand opening of the new office and production facility of the ML System S. A. company in Zaczernie. In the […]
21 December 2015

2015 Carpathian Region Innovator

On 16th December 2015, held the XXVI Sub Carpathian Region Forum of Innovation, during which the prizes for this year’s edition of the competition “Carpathian Region […]