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Covid Detector approved for rapid screening tests

The Covid Detector device, as meeting the conditions set out in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of February 10, 2022 amending the regulation on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the occurrence of an epidemic, has been approved as a method of rapid screening tests for SARC-CoV-2. Positive test results from the Covid Detector device will be tantamount to referring the person to the RT-PCR test and to quarantine.

„We are glad that the technology that uses the quantum physics and machine learning, on which Covid Detector is based, has been noticed and appreciated by the public administration in the context of fighting the pandemic. The regulation opens up a new possibilities for product development. We also hope that the next step will be to consider the results obtained from Covid Detector as equivalent to the PCR test results to take off the quarantine, which is strategically important to us. We will strive for it. We hope for further procreant dialogue with the Ministry of Health – comments Dawid Cycoń, President of ML System.

„Screening tests from the exhalation are one of the fastest ways to detect various types of viruses, which allows the Covid Detector device to be used in a much wider range than just coronavirus detection. In parallel, Covid Detector is undergoing a validation process for the detection of tuberculosis in one of the leading national medical centers specializing in this disease. ” – adds Dawid Cycoń.

„The approval of new research methods for screening tests in diagnostics is undoubtedly a confirmation that innovation is a key element in the fight for health. We are especially happy because we are a Polish company that has carried out research on the device in our country, using our own R&D facilities „- emphasizes Dawid Cycoń.

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