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15 February 2022
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ML System with a contract for the supply of photovoltaics to the Lubella GMW production plant

ML System has signed a contract with PZZ Lubella GMW in Lublin worth 4.4 million PLND for the supply, assembly and commissioning of a photovoltaic installation for the production plant. The total capacity of the installation will be over 1.16 MW. It will cover an 5,700 m2 of area​​ and will generate approximately 1,076 MWh of electricity per year.

“We are systematically increasing our potential in the B2B segment. Enterprises more and more often decide to launch photovoltaic installations as a result of a surge in prices of energy from conventional sources” – comments Dawid Cycoń, president of ML System.

This element is especially important for production companies where energy generated from alternative, ecological sources is consumed on an ongoing basis. The cost of generating electricity from RES is predictable, it has a downward trend, and the forecast of expenses and profits for the owners of RES installations is measurable and facilitates long-term planning.

“It is also important that today conscious consumers choose products with a lower carbon footprint and want to support companies that take pro-ecological activities. Therefore, responsible entrepreneurs treat investments in green solutions not only as necessary measures to improve energy efficiency, but also as indispensable part of our environmental goals. We are happy that our customers are more and more often just such as companies like that. ” – adds Dawid Cycoń.

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