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23 February 2022
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ML System export projects with prestigious, international awards within the BIPV industry


Last week in Sweden, awards were presented by Svensk Solenergi (association of the PV industry in Sweden). Two awards were granted in the “Facility of the year” category: – for the House of Choice Solna hotel (Stockholm) and for the Friskväderstorget Goteborg project. In both cases, ML System provided BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) modules.

The design of the House of Choice Hotel was highly complex due to the number of different dimensions and types of BIPV modules on the façade and skylights of the building. The entire order consisted of nearly 60 different glass formats and 5 different types of glazing. Moreover, the largest dimensions of the glass reached 2.7×1 m, which was an additional difficulty during production. ML System is one of the very few players within the BIPV market who was able to meet the design requirements and deliver products of the highest quality and high technical parameters.




















The façade of the Friskväderstorget facility in Gothenburg was a smaller project in terms of glass quantity, but equally complex and demanding from the design and production point of view. In the project, which was given the working name ” Mosaic Goteborg”, ML System produced and delivered modules with ceramic printing, which creates a unique collage of colors and shapes. Each glass-glass module creates a unique pattern on the facade. A residential building with BIPV modules is additionally protected by architectural supervision, which forced the use of appropriate colors on the glass.






























On 02.22.2022, the 2021 BIPV Award ceremony was organized by the BIPV Nederland Association and awarded the best projects of 2020/2021 in the Netherlands. The award of the year went to the Aeres Hogeschool Almere project, for which ML System delivered 712 glass-glass BIPV modules with a total power of 156 kWp. ML System products form the roofing (400 modules) and the facade (312 modules) of the winning university building. In order for the installation to generate as much yield as possible without compromising the design, it was decided to use two different densities of solar cells with 50% and 25% transparency.

“Our clients from Europe place their trust in us when it comes to prestigious and complex orders created on the basis of individual requirements. We are constantly increasing our production potential and expanding our sales markets in order to ultimately become a globally recognized brand that is the first choice of architects in projects taking into account the trend of sustainable development and timeless design. The awards given to our projects confirm how reliable we are.” – summarizes Dawid Cycoń, President of ML System.



















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