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ML System will deliver photovoltaic modules worth 10.6 million euro to Tauron
10 June 2022
ML System will build a 3MW photovoltaic farm at the Jaźwica mine
7 July 2022

Summary of the events of the second quarter of 2022

In the second quarter of this year The ML Team intensively undertook promotional, image-building and pro-sales activities and actively participating in numerous industry meetings. There were also foreign fairs, sharing expert knowledge, discussing current events and initiatives for environmental protection.


ML System at RESTA 2022

On April 20-23 in Vilnius took a place the largest international construction industry exhibition “RESTA 2022”, during which representatives of the ML System Export Department – Karol Kotowicz, Paweł Koniewicz and our Lithuanian representative Martynas Liocas presented and talked about our BIPV solutions. Event visitors had the opportunity to take a close look at our products, which were the exhibition at the event site, consisting of Q Glass with backlight, V + Glass heating glass with variable translucency, photovoltaic blinds, photovoltaic ventilated facade and glass-glass modules with various structures and shades.



Forest cleaning action during the International Earth Day

On April 22 was celebrated the International Earth Day, which is also the world day of ecology. ML System, as a company operating in the renewable energy sector, contributes to the improvement of environmental conditions and protection of life on our planet on a daily basis. On that day, however, the employees of ML System decided to celebrate this holiday in a unique way and, in cooperation with the Głogów Małopolski Forest District, cleaned the surrounding forests, thus contributing to the improvement of the conditions and condition of local green areas.



Operations Director at ML System – Grzegorz Batko in an interview with CIRE.PL about the current photovoltaic season

“We can closely link the photovoltaic season with the construction season (…) It begins at the end of winter and ends when it begins.” emphasized Grzegorz Batko during a conversation with the editor of CIRE.PL. The material addresses issues that may constitute an ideal check-list for an investor who has not dealt with such a process as a photovoltaic installation so far.

The entire material is available for listening at the link:


ML System at the Conference of the Energy Market Agency “We forecast the future in photovoltaics”

On May 19 in Warsaw took a place one of the most important industry events, gathering representatives of the energy sector in one place, and the foundation of the meeting was the expert knowledge and information at the disposal of the Energy Market Agency which dealing with industry analysis for 25 years.

During the conference, the representatives of ML System presented innovative BIPV solutions offered by the Company at the exhibition stand. In addition, during the event, President Dawid Cycoń took an active part in the discussion panel “Innovation in Renewable Energy Sources”, the purpose of which was to indicate the direction in which renewable energy should develop in Poland in order to fulfill the tasks resulting from the “Poland’s energy policy until 2040”.

Interview available at:



ML System at the “Eco-innovation” conference

On May 26 in Łódź was held the “eco-INNOVATIONS” conference was in which ML System took an active part as an expert. The aim of the meeting was to stimulate common reflection on the process of the necessary energy transformation. Its pillar is a sustainable energy policy, achieved, inter alia, by thanks to the use of renewable energy sources. During his lecture, ML System representative, Damian Staszewski, talked about the company’s energy solutions, which are an ideal response to the adaptation of social reality to climate change and the positive environmental impact of the products offered by the company.



ML System at the “Welconomy Forum” Congress

On May 30-31 in Toruń was held one of the largest economic congresses in Poland, a place for dialogue about the shape of the Polish economy – Welconomy Forum 2022. During the panel “Photovoltaics in construction. Architectural trends in the process of energy transformation” President Dawid Cycoń talked about ML System solutions that are an ideal response to the assumptions of the Long-term Building Renovation Strategy announced by the Polish government in February this year. Additionally, the company’s solutions could be seen live at a specially prepared exhibition stand, which was very popular among the participants of the event.



CIRE Cafe – what are the interest of the program “Mój Prąd 4.0” enjoys?

As part of the CIRE Cafe episode, Katarzyna Kopeć – External Sales Network Manager at ML System spoke with editor Janusz Pietruszyński. During the meeting was raised the topic of the “Mój Prąd 4.0.” program and were discussed the market reaction to the 4th edition of the program from the company’s perspective.

The entire meeting is available at:


Meeting with Frans Timmermans during the deliberations in Wrocław

On June 3 in Wrocław, representatives of the National Chamber of Energy and RES Clusters met with the Vice-President of the European Commission – Frans Timmermans. The participants of the meeting discussed the innovations and development of distributed energy and clean technologies in Lower Silesia. The Vice-President of the European Commission emphasized that we cannot afford to continue something that has no future – coal mining. The Vice President of ML System – Anna Warzybok took part in the talks at the round table.

More information about the meeting at:



Ecological Conference – Green Weekend in Rzeszów

On June 10 at the University of Rzeszów was held a conference which was a part of the Green Weekend event, in which 15 experts in their field raised the issues of, inter alia, in the field of ecology, recycling and renewable energy sources. One of the speakers at the event was a representative of ML System – Project Manager Łukasz Gorzała, who in his speech introduced the subject of solutions for sustainable development and environmental protection offered by the Company, as well as presented what initiatives ML System is taking to improve the quality of life of the present and future generations.


General Assembly of SARP Delegates

On June 24-25 took place the General Assembly of SARP Delegates during which the representatives of ML System under the supervision of the Project Director – Sylwester Korzeniak presented our active solutions for the construction industry to a wide group of designers and architects. The event was organized in a beautiful setting – the gardens of the Zamoyski Palace in Warsaw.



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