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27 July 2020

ML System is the laureate of the European Leadership Awards

We are pleased to announce that an exceptional group of experts associated in the Chapter of the “European Leadership Awards” has decided to award the Laureate […]
2 July 2020

Pilotażowa instalacja na dachu PGNiG

Z dumą informujemy, że na dachu siedziby Polskiego Górnictwa Naftowego i Gazownictwa w Warszawie powstanie pilotażowa instalacja fotowoltaiczna o mocy ok. 50 kWp., wykonana przez ML […]
2 July 2020

ML System has signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland

ML System has signed a co-operation agreement with Pilkington Automotive Poland, the manufacturer of automotive glass of a global reputation.  The agreement concerns mutual works on […]
2 July 2020

ML System signed a strategic partnership agreement with Guardian Glass

ML System consistently implements its development strategy, which was confirmed by signing the strategic partnership agreement with Guardian Glass – one of the world’s largest glass […]
29 April 2020

New ML System production hall

ML System has received permission to use the hall where quantum glass panes will be produced as part of the Quantum Glass strategic development project, the […]
29 April 2020

Active & Passive Antivirus barrier

ML System S.A. launches a glass partition – active and passive – protecting against viruses. This is a response to the increase in demand for this […]
28 April 2020

New approval for ML System

The Director of Transport Technical Inspection granted an approval the Company for laminated glass using thin chemically tempered glass with the option of opaque obscuration, laser […]
17 March 2020

Photovoltaic glass with a coating of quantum dots is a winner of the POLISH PRODUCT OF THE FUTURE competition

This year, during the 22nd edition of competition, ML System was awarded and received the Special Award of the Minister of Development for the solution of […]
5 December 2019

ML System receives another patent

The European Patent Office granted a patent to the ML  System, the subject of which is the method of fixing solar panel lamellas using ultra-thin glass […]