25 August 2021

The “Personality of the Year 2020” award for Dawid Cycoń

The President of ML System, Dawid Cycoń, was the winner of the “Personality of the Year 2020” plebiscite in the Rzeszów district in the Business category, […]
25 August 2021

Covid Detector with proven high diagnostic effectiveness

The company received the Final Report on the single-center clinical trial of the “Covid Detector” device in the scope of the evaluation of the clinical usefulness, […]
25 August 2021

Covid Detector invented by ML System released on the market

ML System has introduced the Covid Detector device for real-time non-invasive diagnostics of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus by detecting its presence in the exhaled air. […]
25 August 2021

ML System with a contract worth 5 million PLN with the City Council of Ulanów

The subject of the contract is the delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of over 1.55 MWp in 459 buildings. “Turn to […]
21 June 2021

AGH Students of the Year 2020 award for Edyta Stanek

The Vice-President and Member of the Management Board of ML System – Edyta Stanek became the laureate of the AGH University of Science and Technology Student […]
15 June 2021

ML System with award for involvement in development of the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone

Industrial Development Agency S.A. has been managing the first special economic zone in Poland since 1995.  At 11th of June on this year in Baranów Sandomierski […]
24 May 2021
ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the "Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie"

ML System has signed a letter of intent to create the “Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpackie”

The effective use of modern technology and the creation of the Hydrogen Valley is assumed by a letter of intent signed in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The […]
20 May 2021
cancer detection

Cooperation of ML System with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital focused on effective cancer diagnostics

ML System has signed an agreement with the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital in Rzeszów regarding cooperation with the use of “Covid Detector“, focused on the diagnosis of […]
18 May 2021

“COVID Detector” will support the largest networks of diagnostic tests in Poland

ML System has signed two letters of intent with leading networks of laboratory diagnostic tests aimed at developing the potential of “COVID Detector”. The first was […]